VaccinationLeptospirosis, Parvo virus, Distemper, Parainfluenza, Hepatitis, Bordetella (Canine cough)We use Vanguard and Nobivac vaccines1 st at 8 weeks, 2 nd at 12 weeks, walks 1 week laterEvery yearNever sees another dog! Canine cough can only be caught in kennels!Leptospirosis (Weils Disease) is spread by rats urine in puddles and water features. Canine cough is very infectious and can be picked by being within 10 feet of an infected coughing dog.
WormingRoundworms, tapeworms and lungwormMilbemaxMilbemax from 2 weeksAt least every 3 monthsI never see any worms – must be fine!The eggs are microscopic and are often spread from faeces & mouth on the coat
FleasDogs usually get the same fleas as catsFrontline Bravecto and environme ntal spray8 weeks oldEvery 2 - 3 monthsCombing them out is enough99% of fleas live in the environment and only jump onto your pet for a blood meal
TicksLymes disease and other infections as well as sores from bitesBravecto Frontline9 weeks oldEvery 3 months (Every month with Frontline)Remove ticks using cigarettes, Vaseline or pull it offThe tick needs to be rotated out using a tick remover. Pulling it will leave the head inside.
SpayingUnwanted ‘seasons’, pregnancy, womb infection & mammary cancerSurgical SpayingFrom 6 months old or 3 months after 1 st seasonOnceShould let her have a litter firstNo evidence that bitches are better off after having had a litter.
CastrationTesticular Cancer & Prostate Cancer, straying and aggressionSurgical CastrationFrom 6 months oldOnceCastration will change him or make him lazyA pets personality is not sex hormone driven but anti-social behavior often is
TeethTooth ache and gum disease leading to spread of bacteria to other organsDoggy toothpastes, Dentastix/fle x, Hills/Royal Canin Vet Essentials DietStart brushing from day 1Ideally every dayDon’t need to brush when giving dental chewsDental chews can only reduce plaque & tartar upto 35%, also if using dentasticks you need to reduce food by 35%
Micro- chippingLost / stolen pet unnecessary euthanasiaMicrochipAny ageOne off injection & chargeThe chip will move and get into the pets systemThe chip is inserted under the skin. It may migrate slightly but will NOT entre the blood stream etc
NutritionDevelopmental joint diseases leading to early onset arthritis and ‘over-worked’ liver & kidneysRoyal Canin lifestage dietStart at weaning (from 5-6 weeks old)3 rations daily until 6 months old then twice dailyDog foods are all the sameThe variation in quality of pet food is huge. Some even make the liver & kidneys work harder to extract the required nutrients.
Pet InsuranceSudden large vet bill. Accumulating cost for a chronic conditionAllianz Petplan 123 .ie petinsure .ie petinsurance .ie tesco .ieAnytime but be aware that any pre- existing conditions will not be coveredEach policy usually lasts for a yearThere is no point as I have to pay the first €100 every time.For the same condition you only have to pay the excess once within every insured year.