Our services

Abbey Veterinary Centre provides a wide range of veterinary care for your pet and we are always on hand for advice. We are open six days a week Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm and also offer a 24hour emergency service. We are just but a phone call away. Below are some of the services that we provide.


Irish law changed in April 2016 and since then it is a legal requirement for all dog owners to have their animal  microchipped. This service is provided on a daily basis. Microchips are extremely important in current times due to all the dognapping that is happening. It is a quick and easy procedure for your pet. All paperwork is handled by the veterinary practice and a copy of it is provided to you before leaving the practice.


Vaccinations for both cats and dogs are important. They should begin when the kitten/puppy is approx. six to eight weeks old , with another vaccination about 3-4 week after(depending on vaccination) and then one every twelve months. As mentioned your pet also receives a full nose to tail check up at this time.

Worming & Flea Treatments

In order for you and your pet to stay safe from worms and fleas it is important to follow a routine when it comes to flea and worm treatments. Please ask a member of staff in relation to what would suit your pet best. 

Neutering & Spaying

To neuter or spay your animal is a good thing. It decreases the population of unwanted animals and can reduce the chance of your animal getting prostate or mammary cancer later in life. This procedure is more common today than it has been in the past and it is seen as a routine procedure. Just because it is routine does not mean that you will not worry but please be assured they will be looked after like they were one of our own. 

Pet Passports

Even with Covid there are still people travelling and this may be due to personal or work commitments. We offer a pet passport service for your pet. Please ring to make an appointment if you wish to avail of this service.

General surgeries

With our four vet team there is a wide range of skills available to our clients and their pets. Soft tissue surgeries are a love of all our vets and they even team up to ensure that the patient gets the best from us. These range from routine stitch ups to the more complex foreign body or mass removal surgeries. Please speak to our vet team if you have any questions in relation to surgeries.

Weight Clinic

Weight clinics can be organised with one of the nurses if you are concerned about your pets weight. Our nurses have had very successful cases with weight loss combing owners dedication with a suitable weight loss food.


Consultations are times allotted to you and your pet. During theses times your pet receives a nose to tail examination to ensure that they are staying happy and healthy. Routine check ups are a vital part of your pets life and they let us get to know them and for them to get used to us. Annual vaccinations is a time that plays a vital role in early detection of issues.


We understand that admitting your pet for an anaesthetic or sedation can be a worrying time for you as an owner. We offer pre anaesthetic bloods to screen for any underlying issues that may be present, these will inform us of diabetes , kidney or liver issues that your pet may have and will allow us to modify treatment as necessary. 

We have an in house lab that allows us to have your pets blood results within an hour. Bloods are highly recommended for older patients but are also a useful procedure for younger patients also, it allows us to keep track of any changes, however small, throughout the years.

General surgeries

With our four vet team there is a wide range of skills available to our clients and their pets. Soft tissue surgeries are a love of all our vets and they even team up to ensure that the patient gets the best from us. These range from routine stitch ups to the more complex foreign body or mass removal surgeries. Please speak to our vet team if you have any questions in relation to surgeries.

Pain Management

Pain management is a unified mission for all staff at Abbey Vets, it is fundamental in the care of pets who cannot speak to us. At Abbey vets we have a pain management plan for pre and post op, in house patients and all emergency cases. We also make individual chronic pain management plans tailored to your pets needs.


Tartar and plaque build up is a common problem for animals and especially when they are getting older. Our Veterinary nurse team are available for dental check ups  if you are concerned about your pets teeth.  On your pets yearly vaccination a  full health check is carried out and this is when we would make any recommendations for cleaning or extractions. The most common oral hygiene issues are plaque , tartar , red and swollen gums and bad breath. After each dental procedure we offer a 3 or 6 month dental check up free. 


Our four vet team enjoy surgeries of all kinds. Routine surgeries take place Monday to Friday. Emergencies are seen on a case to case basis.


As mentioned we have in house blood machines that allow us to do pre anaesthetic bloods, general health profiles and geriatric blood screening and have results back within an hour. We also have in house kits to test for feline immunodeficiency virus and feline leukaemia virus. For more in depth or specific bloods we use an external company in Cork , VGP. Results from here are back in a matter of days , depending on the test. 

We also have a microscope in the lab that comes in very handy to our resident dermatologist and other vets. Jennifer Sherlock is currently doing a certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice – Veterinary Dermatology through Liverpool university online. The microscope helps us with skin scrape samples (mites and mange) and urine samples (crystal).

Urine testing is sometimes underestimated but we do urine analysis in house. We use a refractometer, dipstick and a microscope for diagnosis. These can provide information on infection, diabetes, urine crystals and bladder stones.

X ray

At Abbey Vets we have a digital X ray machine that allows us to diagnose your pet quickly. Most patients are sedated for x rays unless they are too unwell to be sedated. X rays are useful in the diagnosing of broken bones, foreign bodies , pregnancy, tumours , cardiac issues and much more. From here the veterinary team is able to discuss and implement a treatment plan.


Ultrasonography is another diagnostic tool available at Abbey Vets. This is a non invasive procedure for your pet. The worst that happens to them is that they have to be shaved of their fur in order for us to be able to do our ultrasounds. Ultrasound is a great tool for diagnosing bladder infections, cardiac issues, pregnancy and aids in the diagnosis of masses.


Diagnostics are vital to the treatment of pets, our pets cannot tell us what is wrong or where it hurts so diagnostics are useful aids to us to help with the care and treatment of your pet.


A large selection of large animal dosing is available from our shop. We stock a wide range of oral, pour on and injectable dosing for bovines, equines and ovines. We also stock a wide range of other products that are required on the farm, anti suckle nose rings, calf coats, leg shackles, marking fluids and sticks, minerals and supplements, shearers , hoof pearers, leg tags, shoes (both glue and nail) and much more Call in to our shop at 7 Church Street, Tralee.


There are also a large range of vaccinations available for your herd. The type of vaccination can depend on the time of year and the age of the animal. Please feel free to speak to one of our vets  in relation to the best protocol for your farm. 


We offer a scanning service for large animal also. this needs to be pre booked. Please ring the office on 066 7122100 to make an appointment for this. 

Herd Health

We offer herd health plans to our clients that request them. A vet will visit your farm and a programme will be devised for the best course of action for you and your herd. 

Large animal services are provided by all vets. These services include TB testing, Blood taking, pregnancy scanning, castration, c- sections, vetting and passports